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Frequently Asked Questions

What charities do the donations go to?

Pedi Place in Lewisville that provides health care for children whose falilies' can't afford it and Casa of Denton that provides protection for abused and neglected children.

You can find more information about these charities



What is the cost of reserving the truck?

Donations are negotiated based on type of event. I am happy to discuss this with you.

Was the truck used in New Moon?

We have been told that since there was a new director, new crew and supplies were negotiated for New Moon and another movie car dealer won the bid to provide the duplicate truck to be used in New Moon.

How do you know the truck is authentic?

We confirmed it with Picture Car Warehouse in California, it comes with a certificate of authenticity, and it has a prop number assigned to it from the movie.

What year is the truck?

There has been some confusion about this.  But the title confirms that the truck is a 1962 C10 Chevrolet.  However, it has the front grill of a 1963 truck.

Does the truck run?

It does run but it is still an old truck with no power steering, air conditioning or radio, so it is quite an interesting ride.

More to come including a fun fact page!