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I am Sterling Biegert the new owner of Bella's Truck that was actually used in the Twilight movie.  Obviously I am a huge fan.  Of course I could tell you lots about me but know that you want to hear about the truck.  So, keep reading to see the facts that I can share with you!

The History or Story Behind My Site

How did I become so fortunate to be the owner of this great piece of memorabilia from the Twilight movie?  Well, I have to give some credit to Twilight Lexicon.  During one of days that I was checking to see what interesting information they were posting for the fans, I saw they had posted that there was someone selling a truck on ebay claiming to be the real truck.  I immediately went to ebay to check it out, told my Mom about it, and we both started making calls and confirming the authenticity of the truck.  It checked out! and my parents negotiated the purchase of the truck.

My parents told me that if I wanted the truck, I would have to drive our 1996 Oldsmobile.  Although it is one of the last cars a teenager would choose to drive, of course for this Twilight fan this was not a hard sacrifice to get Bella's Truck.

When my Mom said she thought we might be able to talk a movie theater into displaying it at the New Moon Premier, the light bulb went off in my head!  I said maybe others might want to be seen with it and would be willing to donate to a charity to help others and satisfy their Twilight craving at the same time.

At that time, I knew that I wanted my organization to be called Eternal Tomorrows in hopes of providing them to others and one day expanding to set up my own charity foundation.  But this is my start for now.

I am not in any way connected to these charities other than the fact that I believe they do wonderful things to serve children.  I have always enjoyed working with kids and know how important it is to help protect them.  Although there are many other deserving charities, I am starting my focus to help my local community.

PediPlace in Lewisville - Keeping Kids Healthy

It is the mission of PediPlace to provide compassionate, high quality healthcare to children in our community who have no access to care due to economic, geographic or cultural barriers.

CASA of Denton County - A Powerful Voice in a Child's Life

The mission is to provide trained community volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children, and to promote community awareness about child abuse issues.

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